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Replace your single use packaging!

There are manuals on how we will work with manufacturing, order processing and recycling.

We are working towards the same goal as BS EN 9001:2000 in all our operations.

We comply with the UN's 10 principles.

We carefully choose which supplier/license manufacturer we work with.
Our approach to sound environmental management is already in our business, we work with materials and products that can be recycled to 100%.

We select only the manufacturers which we can rely on materials and additives that contain no heavy metals and is 100% recyclable. By only purchasing or manufacturing products from these suppliers, we clearly mark our position.

We also intend to start up with recycling depots where our customers can submit their used products. Our goal is that all products we sell, will come back for granulation and become new products. This goal has now been achieved in many factories and the goal is for all suppliers or license manufacturers shall comply with this requirement in order to have allowance to continue to manufacture our products and meet the changing environmental requirements.


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