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Aluminium Pallets
- High demands on hygiene and stress, also has advantages when used in high temperature, aluminium pallets also have a long life which makes it a good investment.

Pallet Boxes - Fixed or folding boxes for safe storage and cost saving transportation. Available with or without skids, folding hatch cover and label with logo for easy identification.

Pallet Containers - Plastic Pallets, walls and lid, with easy build-up and folding in order to save space in storage and transport. Available in different heights with or without cargo hatch.

Pallet Frames - Customized products in plastic or alumnium, with or without hinges. There are several designs in the dimensions 600x800 and 1200x800mm. Suitable for storage, internal handling, return transports or export.

Plastic Buckets - Buckets in approved food grade plastic, round, oval or rectangular. Various sizes from 0.5 to 33 liters. Available with a label or IML (In Mold Labeling).

Plastic Crates - We offer a wide range of standard sizes and special dimensions. Seal, perforated or folding bins where customer demands for hygiene, temperatures and uses will determine product selection.

Plastic Pallets - Proprietary patented environment plastic pallet (Loop Pallets IPG) that provides 40% savings on the economy and the environment. Even standard plastic pallets for internal use or export and special dimensions in many different designs. Frequent or perforated with accessories such as RFID, logo and additional friction. Custom made plastic pallets are made at large quantities.



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