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- Lightweight Pallets in order to save air freight charges as the cost are calculated by / kg. Pallets with a carrying capacity of up to 500kg and if combined with a collar of corrugated plastic with minimum weight. Low price and low tare weight are strong factors in the choice of product.

- Plastic crates with perforated bottom and sides for air circulation.
Stackable plastic pallets with skids that can handle the runway strip handling and automatic wrapping. Foldable bulk bins and stackable pallets for their closed transport system that takes up small space during return transport and storage. For return shipments options are a folding pallet box or pallet container if one have a need for units that must allow higher internal volumes. Hygiene and effective return flows together with the environmental requirements are strong factors in the choice of product.

Charcuterie - plastic bins with covered bottom and closed sides, in order to hinder meat juice from leaking out. Plastic Pallets with a flat top and bottom for optimal cleaning. Hygiene and requirements of the FDA's are primary reasons for switching to plastic pallets and strong factors for the choice of product.

Dairy - Plastic Pallets which are robust for internal handling in pallet racking and runways. Roller Cages for handling of milk, galvanized cages that do not rust. Hygiene, high load capacity, durability and the right materials are strong factors in the choice of product.

Electronics - pallets, crates, pallet boxes and pallet containers in conductive plastic, depending on the requirements and which Ohm that sets the standard in production.
Conductive - ESD products are used as they are not conductive and prevents the electronics from failure, which is crucial for the selection of the product.

Fishery - perforated plastic trays for fast drainage, perforated pallets in special dimensions 1000x800mm adapted for fishing vessels and its pallet standard. Special size, hygiene, constant low weight are strong factors for the choice of product.

Nuclear Power - Alumnium Pallets for internal handling. Alumnium pallets are hygienic, anti-static and can withstand high temperatures for a long time, which are strong factors in the choice of product.

Paper - Plastic Pallets or alumnium pallets that are specially designed for paper rolls. In this environment one demand strong pallets that withstand tough handling. One have high demand on cleanliness as wood chips can stop the presses. Plastic Pallets prevents wet sheets. Load bearing capacity, durability, cleanliness and non-absorbing are strong factors for the choice of product.

Pharmaceutical - Sealed plastic bins, plastic pallets or alumnium pallets that have clean and smooth surfaces. This is to meet the high hygiene requirements in production. The products needs to be easy to wash and keep clean. Hygiene, durability and material selection are strong factors for the choice of product.

Rubber - Pallet boxes and plastic pallets in rubust model. The pallets are being handled in a tough environment. Plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets in order to avoid splinters and costly machine stops. Strong plastic pallets with a long life are strong factors in the choice of product.

Transport - stackable pallets with skids in order to reduce pallet space needed, achieve a cost-effective transportation and storage. A pallet that works in pallet racking and during normal truck operation. Plastic crates, pallet boxes, pallet containers must be foldable. Logistics and long life are strong factors for the choice of product.

Vehicle - Foldable plastic crates, stackable pallets for efficient return transport and reduced storage. Pallets with skids that can handle the runways and pallet racking. More clean internal handling, simplified logistics, a more favorable return transport and traceability are strong factors for the choice of product.

Workshop - Storage trays with open short sides or foldable boxes that are easy to pick out parts from. Pallets with covered bottom in order to hinder spare parts to fall through. Pallet collars of plastic in addition to pallets works well in most manufacturing industries. Pallet deck, load capacity and long life are strong factors for the choice of product.

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