Monday, February 18, 2019

SRS launches a new half pallet

Svenska Retursystem launches a new half pallet manufactured in Sweden from old pallets that have been discarded and decommissioned. This means that the half pallets’ material flow circuit has now been closed, as has been the case for the company's return boxes for many years.

–  “Our mission is to streamline and environmentally adapt product flows in the grocery industry. That the company is now launching a pallet that is manufactured in Sweden with a large share of recycled materials from the company's discarded pallets marks a big step forward for the entire industry, which is thereby significantly reducing its climate footprint,” says Martin Torpling, Development Manager at Svenska Retursystem.

SRS launches a new half pallet

The new half pallet was developed together with IPG, Intelligent Packaging Group, in Halmstad. The pallet is adapted for automatic handling, is stable and can withstand high stress. It does not give off dust or wood chips, which makes for a healthier working environment for everyone who handles it throughout the flow. 

The first pallets will be shipped to customers in February. Svenska Retursystem will continue to clean out its stocks of worn-out half pallets to continuously improve the quality of its pallet pool.

About SRS half pallets
SRS half pallets are standardi
sed and adapted for automatic handling. They are friction-proof and work well with SRS’s Full-size pallet, gray. The estimated service life of the pallets is 150 rotations through the system. They do not give off dust or wood chips, which makes for a healthier working environment. The half pallets are washed after each use, making them suitable for the grocery industry in particular. The half pallet is well suited to in-store exposure.