Roll Cage Logistic

Think of what the Roll Cage Logistic could do for your business...


Roll Cage Logistic is fully nestable plastic cage with hinged doors front and rear and optional central shelf.


The Roll Cage Logistic TM offers Efficiency, Security, Durability and Safety providing a Smart Materials Handling Solution.


Key focus points

  • Plastic Composition making it hygienic, easy to clean and rust-free.
  • Easy and Safe to use - units are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, with smooth moulded handles and no jagged edges.
  • Quiet - with durable sound-reduction PU castors fitted as standard. These combined with the plastic panels considerably reduces the “rattling” associated with metal cages.
  • Hinged Stable Door, each with its own independent locking mechanism, allowing for split “compartment” deliveries or additional security within the one unit using the optional shelf
  • Steel Z-Frame Base to allow nesting of empty units for efficient storage and return logistics.
  • The plastic panels are double-walled making them highly resistant to impact damage. The double-wall design and secure locking of each panel in the construction gives the unit a high level of rigidity even when fully loaded. Should the unit get damaged, its modular construction allows it to be quickly and easily repaired.
  • The use of plastic makes the unit light, and the smooth-running rubber castors make it easy to manoeuvre.
  • For added security the units can also be fitted with an optional RFID tracking chip.
  • Full length locking door on one side, with split locking stable door in the other make the unit flexible to use.  The use of the optional central shelf provides two secure separate compartments
  • Reduce your roll cage fleet wastage due to theft or loss by having your units manufactured in your corporate colors
  • Being made from plastic the units are easy to recycle at the end of their life.
  • Logo moulded into the side of the panels available. (Optional).
  • Load Capacity up to 400 kg




  • Either two fixed & two swivels or four swivel castors
  • Braked castors available
  • Larger castors for rough ground



  • Robust plastic central shelf



  • Units can be made with an anti-microbial silver-based additive which kills viruses and microbes on contact, including MRSA, E-Coli and Strep.



  • For a one-off fee, you can own your own engraved plates with your logo or chosen inscription which allow units to be manufactured with your logo moulded-in to the side panels.



  • Non-standard colours matched to a corporate colour


GPS and RFID Technology

  • We can add RFID or GPS in your Roll Cage.



Internal Dimensions of the Roll Cage

635 mm W x 740 mm D x 1555 mm H


External Dimensions of Roll Cage

715 mm x 900 mm D x 1795/1820 mm H


Weight & Capacity

Unit weight (when fully assembled) – approximately 45 kg

Volume capacity – 0,73 m³ internal space

Maximum safe loading weight – 400 kg


NB! At larger volumes, we can tailor a solution based on your needs and wishes

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