Shipping air is neither financially smart nor smart for the climate.

Want to know how you can cut your costs and CO2 emissions by 40%? Think in terms of the circular economy! With IP-Group's help, you’ll save time, space, money and the environment.

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Circular economy – when nature itself gets to decide

A circular economy is an economy inspired by the cycles of nature. In short, the idea is to eliminate waste and create raw materials instead. In 2015, the European Commission adopted an action plan and a package of measures for the circular economy. At IP-Group, we are nature lovers, so you can be sure that everything we develop, market and sell can be linked to the circular economy in one way way or another.


Smart products for your logistics

At IP-Group we are passionate about smart logistics solutions and products. Our goal is to live up to the global goals and to turn our customers into winners at the same time. It really comes down to one thing. Transporting air is costly. In every way.

Thanks, all you green pallet users!

If you choose to use the Green Pallet as your pallet solution, you can take pride in the knowledge that you are making a good environmental choice. The low weight of the Green Pallet and its superb stackability result in 40% fewer return transports, which combine to give you a 40% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions!

Since the launch of the Green Pallet through today (4/8/2020), all Green Pallet users have contributed to a total reduction in CO² emissions of some 1 601 436 kg. And the kilos just keep adding up with every Green Pallet that is put into use…

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What we stand for

At IP-Group we work according to a simple slogan: If you win, we win. What do we mean by that?

In short, it means that we take environmental impact very seriously and that we do our best to contribute to a better world without sacrificing quality and innovation.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

IP-Group works with the global goals in mind.
As a supplier to the UN, we do everything we can to reduce both our own and our customers' environmental impact.



As part of our environmental responsibility, we work hard and purposefully to make sure that the IPG products work in a circular economy. Recyclable products mean that we all come out winners.

Award-winning quality

Award-winning quality

IP-Group's Green Pallet makes a difference and has received worldwide acclaim. The pallet has been named both the Nordic region’s (ScanStar) and the world's best transport solution (WorldStar).