Profitability in Green Innovation

Lean & Green, Green Innovation and Competitiveness

A value that focuses on balance in terms of costs, competitiveness and environmental improvements

Lean & Green Implementation

Lean & Green Innovasjon

Lean & Green Implementation

Environmental improvement is good business. This will not only lead to possible savings of up to 40 percent, you will also enjoy some goodwill among employees and partners. IP Group strives to improve companies’ strategic environmental and resource efficiency. We are convinced that the environment and sustainability will become more and more of a “business license” with regard to both competitiveness and environmental responsibility from a social perspective.

IP Group offers turnkey solutions comprising of joint learning and development initiatives. The aim is to create value for our partners. A value that focuses on balance in terms of costs, competitiveness, and environmental improvements.

Lean & Green Guide

Profitability in Green Innovation

1. Good Climate Management

How is your company guided through the climate change within Green Logistics so you become part of the solution and not part of the problem? Through "Good Climate Management" you not only achieve great savings and higher earnings. The most interesting thing is, you get managers, employees and other players to think in new paths, thus giving the company's strategy and development "entirely new dimensions". We call it Sustainable Development. In our Lean & Green Academy, we train our customers in Good Climate Management: *Focus on Opportunities - Not Threats, *Make Good Climate Management Result Oriented and Specific, *Focus on The Big Picture, *Integrate climate management concept in your organization, *Communicate and show that effort always benefits.

Good Climate Management

2. Reducing CO2 emissions - how?

In Norway, greenhouse gas emissions from road traffic accounted for approx. 9 million tonnes in 2018. The transport sector accounts for about a third of all greenhouse gas emissions (CO2). In order to achieve the national climate goals (SDGs), several areas must be targeted at the same time. IP-Group has Sustainable Development and Circular Economy as its main focus areas within the Lean & Green Program: *Reducing the transport volume by increasing the filling capacity of cars and containers by double and triple stacking, *Transition to Environmental Pallet that do not exceed 15 kg weight, *New optimized Return Packaging Flows, *Management by Green Pallet Pool. The Lean & Green Program has its own set-up for transition to reduced CO 2 emissions.

CO2 emissions

3. Green Guide to Better Business

Do you want to become more Environmentally Friendly and introduce Green Innovation in your logistics? Today, there is a significant increase from customers to stores, from store/department to suppliers, from manufacturers to subcontractors and from the board to the executive management to see the documentation that goods and services are produced and transported in an environmentally and climate-friendly way. How will implementing Green Innovation and implementing new transport and package optimization strengthen the company's competitiveness and be better equipped in tough times and ever tougher markets? Through our Lean & Green Program, we will illuminate this through a workshop leading up to the Green Guide.

Green Guide to better business

4. Green Innovation

In most cases, a successful "Green Company" will put on the agenda and work purposefully and analytically to assess how to reduce its carbon footprint. For the logistics and transport industry, this can provide unique opportunities in a competitive market. IP-Group's overall objective is to design and produce products that are part of the circular economy with the lowest possible weight. We always say that the best way to find out is to weigh the product. Through Green Innovation we have managed to reduce the Environmental Pallet to 15 kg! We focus on the extent to which it is possible to convince customers and the market that this is the right way to think about Green Innovation and increased competitiveness. Lean & Green Module 4, Green Innovation tells you how. 

Truck Green Pallet

5. Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relation Management

6. The Green Accounting

In Lean & Green Module 6 we present a simple way and prepare a climate and environmental account. It will be a good way to make the company's environmental work visible through smart logistical product concepts. Many of these data already exist internally within the company, but we will also be able to measure the effect with the transition to sustainable solutions and transport optimization. The aim is to create an overview of this, which in turn can make one's organization and the outside world aware of their impact on the environment and climate. Today there is a great deal of focus on CO2 emissions, and in the marketing and presentation of its green profile, it is natural to refer to own CO2 emissions. It is also useful to see how energy consumption, waste, transport and other impacts on their total climate impact, and this is necessary to have an overview of to know how to reduce their footprint. 

The Green Accounting

Profitability in Green Innovation

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