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Circular Economy Innovation Hub

IPG Innovation Hub is designed as a Circular Economic Value Concept based on the principles of a closed value chain. This will in large part replace the traditional linear systems – where recycling has not been integrated into the systems, although the amount of waste is great

IP-Group Concept

A strategic solution-oriented value concept and changing process to complete the development potential in your company related to sustainable logistics

Circular Return Logistics

In IPG Innovation Hub, we build a Circular Economic Model with our business partners and customers, using strategic development and new methods of product design, reuse of materials, and reaching profit goals

Discover new opportunities with us

Exploring innovative science and developing original ideas is something that comes naturally to us. We make a point of combining smart, cost-effective solutions with global goals

Can a pallet change the world?

Want to know how you can cut your costs and CO2 emissions by 40%? Think in terms of the circular economy! With IP-Group's help, you’ll save time, space, money, and the environment.

Requirement for Circular Economy

Could a Circular-Economic mindset become a part of the solution for resource deficits, profitability, and sustainable development, all at once, by being implemented as a value concept?