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Resource Facility- Focus on Value Creation

Could a Circular-Economic mindset become a part of the solution for resource deficits, profitability, and sustainable development, all at once, by being implemented as a value concept? How can the circular economy bring forth new business models and support profit generation for businesses in a sustainable manner? 

IPG Innovation Hub is designed as a Circular Economic Value Concept based on the principles of a closed value chain. This will in large part replace the traditional linear systems – where recycling has not been integrated into the systems, although the amount of waste is great. In IPG Innovation Hub, we build a Circular Economic Model with our business partners and customers, using strategic development and new methods of product design, reuse of materials, and reaching profit goals. For your company, the profits may increase greatly through more efficient use of smart logistics solutions, analyses, and evaluations.

Circle of Life Circel

A Winning Innovation Concept



From Linear to Circular Reverse Logistics

We move the focus from the current Linear Economy to Circular principles, which means from ownership to use, and from quantity to quality. In other words, from product-based to value-creating services. Together, we build a business model based on reuse and remanufacturing. The goal is a solution-oriented concept that tackles global resource challenges.

In IPG Innovation Hub, we facilitate closed material cycles. The overarching goal is for the products and concept to return to production as a new resource. Qualitative and healthy materials analyzed in our Innovation Hub will become a profitable investment for the whole value chain, from developers to manufacturers and business partners. IPG will administer the model to secure the value chain.

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Circular Economy – Green Account

In the Circular Economic Accounting – Green Account, we develop climate- and environmental accounting. We visualize the company’s environmental efforts in transitioning from the Linear Economy to the Circular Economic Business Model. We measure and coach on sustainable development.

The goal is to get an overview of this, which in turn can make the organization and its stakeholders aware of their impact on the climate, environment, and resource efficiency. Today, there is a great focus on CO2-emissions, and in marketing and presentations of the green profile, it is only natural to refer to internal CO2-emissions. It is also useful to see how energy usage, waste, transport, and other processes, affect the total climate impact. This is necessary to have an overview of to understand how one may reduce their footprint. 

The Green Account

From Linear to Circular Reverse Logistics

How do we shape the transition from a Linear to a Circular Reverse Logistics? Many of the current logistics systems build on the Linear model, where products are transferred from a Hub or Logistics center to the end customer. 

In transitioning to Circular Reverse Logistics, the ownership stays with the manufacturer, who together with the customer bases the business model on service, sales, and performance. The Circular Reverse Logistics bases itself on the fact that product concepts are included in a return flow where value creation is the overarching goal. This will become a deciding factor in transitioning from Linear to Circular Reverse Logistics. An overarching goal is to build a partnership throughout the whole value chain from manufacturer to customer and transportation company, ensuring the Circular Reverse Logistics become successful.

Circular Reserve Logistics

Circular Progress Schedule

Way forward

Profitability in Green Innovation



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Do you believe a Circular Economic Business Model could be the solution to manage resource deficits, profitability, and sustainable development, all compiled in a value concept? How can a Circular Economy bring forth new business models and support profit generation for companies in a sustainable way? Book a strategy meeting. Discuss with me how IP-Group can assist you with projects, logistics, and supply chain strategy. Why use our services and products within Circular Economics and Logistics Consulting?

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