In Lean & Green Module 6 we present a simple way and prepare a climate and environmental account. It will be a good way to make the company's environmental work visible through smart logistical product concepts. Many of these data already exist internally within the company, but we will also be able to measure the effect with the transition to sustainable solutions and transport optimization. The aim is to create an overview of this, which in turn can make one's organization and the outside world aware of their impact on the environment and climate. Today there is a great deal of focus on CO2 emissions, and in the marketing and presentation of its green profile, it is natural to refer to own CO2 emissions. It is also useful to see how energy consumption, waste, transport and other impacts on their total climate impact, and this is necessary to have an overview of to know how to reduce their footprint. A Green Account certificate will be issued

-Geir Vidar Persen, Sales Director IP-Group

If You Win, We Win and The Environment...

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