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IPG Return Packaging

Will innovative returnable pallets reduce your costs and improve your efficiency in optimizing logistic solutions?

When nature itself gets to decide

Return Packaging & Circular Economy

IPG Return Packaging Concept is an economy inspired by the cycles of nature. In short, the idea is to eliminate waste and create raw materials instead. At IP-Group, we are nature lovers, so you can be sure that everything we develop, market, and sell can be linked to the circular economy in one way or another. Our products are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Take our plastic pallets. They are all made of 100% recycled plastic and they can all be recycled numerous times before maybe ending their service lives as a life-giving, insulating flooring system in a distant disaster zone. IP-Group's green pallets stand out that little bit extra. They have all been designed to make a difference. Nature lovers, get ready for some eco-friendly reading: by choosing IP-Group's green pallet you will achieve 40% fewer return transports, 40% better stackability, 40% reduced weight, 40% reduced carbon dioxide emissions and 100% recycling and reuse! Isn't that amazing?



Effective Return Flows

Effective return flow

Streamline your outflow and return flow

The Environmental Pallet is engineered to play its part in an effective return low. The low begins at IP Group. The straight recyclable pallet stacks leave the production point without wrapping or strapping. There is no risk of collapse. The pallet stacks take 40 per cent less space and facilitate double stacking. The pallets are distanced for easy unstacking and sit safe on the truck forks thanks to their friction material. In addition, the Environmental Pallet is 100 per cent recyclable and we give SEK 80 in deposit refund.

In production

The Environmental Pallet functions perfectly in Production lines. Belt conveyors, chain conveyors and pallet racking systems pose no problems. A logo and RFID tags on the pallets reduces waste. Another positive aspect is that goods are not damaged by nails and splinters.

To the wholesaler

From production to the Wholesaler. Cartons and goods stand firm and safe on the pallets – the friction material is doing its job. The pallets manage 1000 kg in pallet racking systems. How the pallets reach the Store. The pallets are clean and neatly stacked, perfect for goods exposure in the store. The surface of the Environmental Pallet is hygienic and easy to hose down, and the low weight makes it easier to handle. Splinters, nails and wooden scraps all over the floor are things of the past.

The Company

Finally, as mentioned above, the company is a winner in effective return lows. 40 per cent fewer return transports and 40 percent reduced weight equals 40 percent reduced carbon emissions. A pallet that makes a difference!!

Ecopack Logistic System

Smart Return Packaging

If you use the Environmental Pallet and build further with Ecopack, the system gets dimensions of 1200x800 mm in base and height according to your needs. In return are the stackable Environmental Pallet, folded walls and lid. Each are returned on separate pallet spaces. The various product parts of the Environmental Pallet are separated upon return to give the most effective return low possible. An Environmental Pallet with dimensions 1200x800x800 mm with outgoing goods takes 1200x800x180 mm in return. This means you can send out four lorries and get one back.

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Why Ecopack?

  • Rationalises outlows and returns
  • Protects the products
  • Stackable for transportation and storage
  • In-store product exposure
  • Possible to partition different products
  • Avoid wrapping
  • Replaces disposable packaging
  • Reduces wasted resources

Ecopack’s walls can be ordered in the exact height required. The standard color is grey but other shades are available for larger volumes.

Miljøpack Retyrsystem

Sleeve solutions

The Environmental Pallet

The Award Winner

The Environmental Pallet did not come about by chance. It has taken a lot of hard work to design a pallet that actually makes a difference, not just for you who handle it, but also commercially and not least environmentally.

A new EUR wooden pallet costs around SEK 120. One of our corresponding Environmental Pallets costs more. Does it really pay? The answer is YES! That is the idea behind our concept. A win-win all around. You, us and our environment.

So, not only are the three pallet sizes based on EUR size 1200x800 mm compatible with each other like toy bricks, but there are also great savings to be made. On several levels. In short, we are talking about 40 % fewer return shipments, at least 40 % reduced storage space, 40 % reduced weight, 40 % reduction in carbon emissions and 100 % recycling and reuse.

Miljøpall med løsninger

We help you to save time, space, money and the environment

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