New Environmental Pallet

Made from 100% recycled material.

Geir Vidar Persen, Sales Director IP-Group


Sustainable Development and Circular Economy

"The secret lies in The New Generation Environmental Pallet contributing to an improved economy, a better environment, and better workplace health and safety all at the same time. We are talking about 40 percent fewer return transports, 40 percent better stackability, 40 percent reduced weight, 40 percent reduction in carbon emissions, and 100 percent recycling and re-utilization.

The New Generation Environmental Pallet is the first Environmental Pallet in the market that is produced in 100% recycled material! The Environmental Pallet shall remain in the economy for a long time as possible. We will achieve this by minimizing raw material consumption, waste, emissions, and energy consumption. After its lifetime of about 10 years, the Environmental Pallet will be re-used, preferably outside its original format.

We call it Sustainable Development and Circular Economy.

This is what our customers tell us

We create values and sustainable development for our customers

Schenker Oslo City Hub

DB Schenker aims to achieve zero emissions in all city distribution in Norway by the end of 2020. The Oslo City Hub project is the first project to achieve this. For DB Schenker, digitization and more sustainable solutions will be key competitive factors for future logistics. DB Schenker has already started this future. With sustainable Oslo City Hub, DB Schenker is taking a new step to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions in its daily logistics business. We are proud to work together on sustainable solutions

Bring is optimizing for their customers

Bring Cargo Stokke has optimized and streamlined package and transport for Komplett Group. At the same time, the concept has helped to streamline its own scheduled traffic. This gives great cost savings, utilization of material and, not least, significant reduction of CO2. In return transports, the sleeves are folded together and placed up in empty Ecopack while at the same time the Environmental Pallets are stacked in 24 pieces in height

MAX Fritid

MAX Fritid has replaced cardboard and wooden pallets with IPG Environmental Pallet and Ecopack. Already after 1 month of use, the concept can show significant reductions in transport costs, greater efficiency and easier handling. When we know how much focus it is on the environment and CO2 emission, this is a concept we have greatly appreciated. When ROI shows below 6 months, the choice was easy when the concept was introduced

We take care of values

OUR VISION is to minimize the transport chain costs associated with packaging management. OUR MISSION is to increase the recycling of the same packaging type. OUR OBJECTIVES are to conserve natural resources and offers market-leading and contemporary software for simplifying the administrative tasks in the management and control of transport packaging. Confidence and transparency are the keywords in our endeavors in a trustworthy partnership with our customers. Through our creative mindset, we strive to understand our customer's needs and through close collaboration, achieve our customer's goals and thereby ensure the best possible result. WE CREATE SAVINGS. Click and read how we create savings.

Are you joining the winning team?

Relationships create results. This is something we firmly believe in at IP-Group. As part of that philosophy, we regard and value all our customers as partners. A close dialogue paves the way to joint success. Or as we usually
say: If you win, we win.

As our company name suggests, we supply intelligent packaging. Our products shall also optimize our customers’ transports, reduce carbon emissions through the design together with our return system.
Sustainability plus concern about the environment and our customers’ health and safety, set the standard when we develop new products. We are certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Click PDF to download the Environmental Pallet Conceptmanual

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