Arvid Nilsson- More than 100 years of experience

Keeping things together since 1918

More than 100 years of experience

Arvid Nilsson was founded the same year that the First World War ended, and has been part of the development of fasteners for a long time since. It all started with Arvid Nilsson traveling from Skåne to Copenhagen and becoming a merchant apprentice. At the age of 25, he founded his company at Vesterbro in Copenhagen. Arvid Nilsson grew and became a leading player in the market over time. Through various acquisitions and own growth, the Group is presently represented in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

Michael Petersson at Arvid Nilsson AB says:

When we previously packed products in small boxes of the height of 270 mm we used pallet collar in wood with height 270 mm. The result was a bent lid and an unapproved seal. Then our idea was to use two pallet frames that became a total height of 400 mm which resulted in a negative optimization and resulted in 130 mm more air on each shipped pallet.

Our corporation partner IP-Group could offer and produce a custom height for the sleeves. We chose 300 mm inside height and our products and cartons fit perfectly on the pallet when the lid was fitted. This did not involve bent or broken lid, less air at the outflow and we were thus able to cost-effectively and reduce our costs by 25%. We order sleeves in different heights for optimization of further flows when we realized the savings potential as well. 

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We have today evaluated the solution and the results are only positive! It has also given us further savings as the waste is gone as well, due to the opportunity to label our new packaging. Previously, we had a lot of waste and costs of wooden pallets and pallet collars. We have now replaced all this by IP-Group Ecopack (pallet, sleeves, and lid) we have also been able to eliminate this cost. Everything has become much better even when we look at the Environmental Footprint, the new way of packaging weighs far less, is easier to handle and requires less cleaning

The Ecopack, the pallet, the sleeve, and the lid, besides previously marked "Belongs to Arvid Nilsson" are affixed with RFID tags for traceability and control. The Ecopack Concept has several advantages. The storage space has been reduced as everything is stackable and foldable. As a final point, I would also like to highlight the positive impact on the environment that this product concept provides as we optimize both outward and return flows, which in turn means that we reduce the company's total CO 2 emissions.

We will use this product concept for more customers and continue with customized heights on walls and thus increase the outflow with this smart product concept, concludes Michael Petersson.

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