DB Schenker introduces Ecopack in Europe's Environmental Capital

DB Schenker is investing heavily in emissions-free distribution

DB Schenker ensures 80% emission-free distribution of goods in Oslo within Ring 3. This is solved through significant investments in new electric vans, new electric bicycles and a centrally located logistics terminal - Oslo City Hub. The hub is part of Electric City, the Oslo municipality's field of activity, as the European Capital of Environment in 2019. Focus on the environment and sustainable solutions in the transport sector have attracted great attention in the DB Schenker Group.

Haroon Shoaib, COO DB Schenker, Oslo City Hub:

In the spring of 2019, DB Schenker opened a new terminal, the Oslo City Hub. The terminal handles all goods deliveries inside Ring 3 (national road 150 in Norway), from Ryen to Bærum. There is a zero-emission target for the zone, which is why our vehicle fleet consists of three electric bicycles and eight electric vans. We were not familiar with IP-Group's products, but when we were given a presentation on the company and its products we quickly recognized the benefits. The fact is that the opportunities presented by Ecopack made us take a new approach to the way we transport and load goods. In addition to being part of the circular economy, the Ecopack is easy to handle. Another plus for us is that they come with lids, which reduces the risk of shrinkage. Our vans have a 700 kg payload and it’s important to be able to pack in an efficient and climate-smart manner.

Our collaboration with IP-Group has worked well. Availability is important to us, and IP-Group is always ready to answer our questions.




Haroon Shoaib, driftssjef, DB Schenker, Oslo City Hub

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