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Pågen AB has reduced its return transports by 253 lorries. A year!

Pågen, Sweden's leading bakers with bakeries in Malmö and Gothenburg, distributes 650,000 loaves a day from Ystad in the south to Kiruna in the north. This adds up to 500,000 pallets a year. Not to mention a great many return transports. The year is 2011. Pågen has always used traditional wooden pallets, but decide to go over to IP Group's Environmental Pallet. Since the Environmental Pallet is stackable, it provides a full 30 pallets per stowage for the corresponding 18 wooden pallets. This, in turn, reduces the return transports by 40 percent, which, together with the reduced storage space, saves Pågen roughly 70,000 wooden pallets a year. The financial benefits are not difficult to work out. 

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Ulf Karlsson, Logistics Manager at Pågen

"The Environmental Pallet works well throughout our operations and we've equipped it with radio-frequency identification (RFID) to enable further control in the logistic flows. And the fact that we save the environment from 253 fully loaded lorries and trailers a year while helping to reduce felling volumes is an added bonus. The low constant weight is another positive thing we've noticed about the Environmental Pallet. This means less heavy lifting for our staff, and they also avoid nails and splinters."

To date, we've delivered 55 000 Environmental Pallets (2020) to Pågen.

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