Wednesday, May 12, 2021

IP-Group on the pallet in The North Sea, Norway

Archer is a global oil services company with a strong focus on safety and delivering the highest quality products and services.

Their three core values, Safety, Integrity and Performance, and two behavioral values, Teamwork and Proactive are essential for Archer to achieve their goals. Each employee within Archer is committed to these values.

Together with Archer and Rig Supply, IP-Group has worked purposefully to find an innovative solution for Archer logistical flow, not only reduces Archer costs but also forms part of a Circular Economic Cycle. Archer's goal is to replace the wooden pallet in its logistics flow. At IP-Group we are passionate about smart logistics solutions and products. Our goal is to live up to the global goals and to turn our customers into winners at the same time. Thank you for trusting us!

-Geir Vidar Persen, Sales Director IP-Group

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