Monday, October 7, 2019

Netti - Enable Joy Of Life

Netti by Alu Rehab. In the late 1980s a group of friends on the Norwegian west coast came to the conviction: “This can be improved!” One of the friends had a family member who was wheelchair-bound. He was touched by the challenges that the family and wheelchair users faced daily. They began to develop a completely new chair with sophisticated adjustments focusing on a comfortable sitting position

The solution was implemented and developed together with Netti based on the IP-Group Concept. An Innovative solution implemented in our way of working together with Netti to achieve greater efficiency, better profitability and reduced costs. The first step is our advice based on the customer's wishes and requirements. We perform an analysis/calculation with subsequent evaluation. Our total concept enables us to find the right solution for Netti. At the same time, it is good to know that the concept and the Pallet Container are made of 100% recyclable plastic, and when used, every gram is recycled, creating a green cycle. We thank you for your confidence

-Geir Vidar Persen, Sales Director IP-Group