IPG Dry Box

A central feature of this foldable box is its high process reliability. The safe and efficient processing in automated warehouses is due to safe transport on roll conveyors (horizontal and vertical), the high stability of the IPG Dry Box and its high reaction speed during acceleration and deceleration, a safe locking technique as well as its low breakage rate. In an empty state the Drybox can be reduced to a layer height of 36 mm despite its large interior height of 26 cm.


This saves costs during empty transport and storage as well as during all processes involving empties.


  • External dimensions: 600x400x285 mm
  • Internal usable dimensions: 570x370x261 mm
  • Filling volume: 55 l
  • Tare: 3080 g
  • Load bearing capacity: 25 kg

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IPG Dry Box


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