IPG Wine Box

IPG Wine Box - Wine in its best position

The wine crate serves as both an attractive wine rack and durable transport container. lts robust construction provides excellent protection, and the generous interior dimensions provide sufficient space for the proper storage of twelve standard 75O ml wine bottles. Stacking several crates not only creates an attractive and functional wine rack, but also ensures a clear and orderly arrangement thanks to the label holders on the large doors. The empty wine crate takes up little space and can be collapsed and then conveniently stored or transported.


  • Exterior dimensions: 485x266x247 mm
  • Interior dimensions: 460x241x228 mm
  • Fill volume: 25 l
  • Tare weight: 1580 g
  • Load capacity: 18 kg
  • Dimensions when collapsed, folded outward: 944x724x17,5 mm
  • Total capacity in m² at a stack height of 1.92 m and with twelve 750 ml bottles per crate (bottles).
  • Logistic: 204 pcs/pallet space (120x80x240cm)

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