IPG Twi Lock Box

Optimal goods presentation

The IPG Twi Lock Box is a foldable reusable packaging with a new “active locking system”. This enables the box to be swiftly folded and set up again. It can be stacked with all boxes currently on the market which fulfil the ISO standard. Boxes with base dimensions 600 mm x 400 mm and 300 mm x 400 mm can also be stacked together.


Very stable

  • Up to 500 kg static pressure resistance in the stack, 300 kg dynamic
  • Reduces transport breakage
  • For rapid order picking
  • Extremely attractive and eco-friendly
  • Attractive design
  • Fewer empty transports = less CO2
  • Recyclable multiple times


Very hygienic

  • Flat and smooth surfaces
  • Very easy to clean, low amount of residual water
  • Easy removal of adhesive labels


Very cost saving

  • Optimized inside volume
  • Perfect volume reduction
  • Can be automated

Art nr:

IPG Twi Lock Box


  • twi-lock-box.jpg
  • twi-lock-box-one-side-folded.jpg
  • twi-lock-box-sides-folded.jpg
  • twi-lock-box-all-sides-folded.jpg
  • twi-lock-box-folded-stacked.jpg
  • twi-lock-box-stacked.jpg
  • twi-lock-box-lock.jpg

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